Jon Stewart Mocks Atheists

This is pretty funny. but then, it’s always funny to pick on an underrepresented minority.

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  • Cris

    Oh please!  Really?  In comedy, nothing is off limits.  Besides, Jon made some very valid points.  His commentary was spot on, and so what if he threw in a jab at the end.  Are we (as atheists) so weak that we cannot stand a little criticism?  I firmly believe that freedom of speech is our greatest right, and it goes both ways.  If atheists choose to fight over petty garbage like a beam in the shape of a cross, then perhaps we deserve to be ridiculed… just as the ridiculous beliefs of theists should also.     

  • Kuldog

    we could call it a random thing someone made to comfort it

  • Harold

    People have the freedom of speech.  Pick your battles.  If people want to have a cross there or on the side of a road after someone died in a wreck.  They should be allowed.  It is America.

  • Hohenbergera

    It really doesn’t bother me that there’s a cross there, since that is how it was found in the wreckage and it is a source of comfort for a lot of people. It just bothers me that people are saying that this Christian symbol has a right to be there, but the Muslim denomination that had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks, who wanted to build a mosque blocks away from ground zero, faced incredible opposition by some of the same people who are now saying they have a right to have their religious symbol (cross) and only theirs at the site. 

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