Why Religion Sucks At Making Scientific Claims

This young Earth creationist makes an attempt to debunk the theory of evolution by pointing out that life has not spontaneously been created in our food supply (he holds up a can of peanut butter to demonstrate). This YouTube video (with over 1 million views) should be exhibit #1 in why education is key to confronting gibberish like this. This guy should be mocked for his buffoonery.

Short URL: http://atheismtube.com/?p=245

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  • Geoff Boulton

    The spontaneous appearance of advanced life such as the ant depicted in the video, with the completely false implication that this is predicted by Evolution, would be evidence supporting creationism/ID and not Evolution. Thanks for pointing out the lack of evidence for your creationist ‘theory’.

    In any case, they are talking about Abiogenesis and not Evolution. I guess the video wouldn’t have the same impact if they said science has some evidence as to how life may have started but doesn’t yet have a definitive answer so if they don’t yet know how it happened it must have been some spooky man in the sky.

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  • http://twitter.com/ColdDimSum Dark Star

    He is right about one thing, creationists wielding jars of peanut butter in ignorance is one of my nightmares.

    If anyone is interested, I have a high-level overview on Abiogenesis, based on my current understanding of the research along with a bit of synthesis of my own, combined with a wide array of links to research resources around the internet on my blog:


    If I ever get the time what I would like to do for part II is discuss the current pieces that remain of the puzzles and look at on-going research in those areas. If you know of anyone researching these topics that I haven’t mentioned then PLEASE post at least their name in a comment. And also, please feel free to add links to any reports, studies, papers, books, etc that you’ve found relevant.

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